Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet

Ellipal Titan Hardware Wallet

How are you keeping your cryptocurrencies safe? Have you considered using a hardware wallet? If not, it’s time to learn more about them. They’re portable devices that keep private keys secure and offline. This article will discuss the Ellipal Titan cryptocurrency hardware wallet – is it worth buying?

Hardware Review

The Ellipal Titan cold wallet, security adaptor, micro USB cable, microSD card, recovery paper, and quick-start card are all included in the packaging. The device is as heavy as a smartphone and sports a touchscreen that resembles a smartphone and has a 300-pixel display. Text is prominent and legible. There are no ports and no Bluetooth connections. Because this wallet does not connect to the internet, you must download all firmware upgrades to the microSD card, which connects to the device through the security adapter. The tip of it magnetically clamps onto the bottom of Ellipal wallet. When the USB is plugged into the security adapter and attached to the device, you may also charge it


The Ellipal Titan wallet is a genuine cold wallet and handles like a phone. You can hold it and use it the same way. The device doesn’t appear as a typical small hardware wallet, so you’ll need to be careful and protect it like your smartphone.

Activate and Setup Review

I begin by turning on the Ellipal Titan. The setup procedure starts as soon as I switch it on and tells me to visit a URL to download software. I use my phone’s browser and head to https://wallet.ellipal.com/downapp; this will take me to the Google Store. The app has me agree to limited terms and conditions. One of the sections deals with the protection of personal information. Since it relates to the collection of personal details, I thought it deserves mention. Here are the terms and conditions of the sections that discuss privacy handling.

I go to the cold wallet and select my language; then, I establish a new account. I set a name and a simple password, and no passphrase. Next, I’m advised to back up my mnemonic words because they aren’t saved in the Ellipal Titan and can’t be exported later (it does, however, suggest using Ellipal’s Mnemonic Metal as seed storage). To verify the seed phrase, I must choose each word in order. When I hit the “Activate” button, I’m redirected to a screen to select which coins I wish to activate. By default, BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies are listed; some contemporary coins include ATOM, DOT, XTZ, and BNB. 

Now I have to link the Ellipal Titan cold wallet to my smartphone’s mobile app. The next screen in the app requests that I connect my hardware to it. I press the “Connect” button, which causes my phone’s camera to activate. When I tap the chainlink symbol on the cold wallet, a QR code appears on the screen. The next step is to scan each page’s QR code, scroll to the following page, scan the QR code again, and repeat the process. If you don’t want to scroll to the next page manually, keep the camera scanner in place and press the autoplay button beneath the QR code. After the scans, the next page displays all of your coins and includes access to all the marketplace facilities Ellipal offers.

To add more cryptocurrencies, open the mobile app and select the “+” icon. You’ll need to repeat the same process on the Ellipal Titan cold wallet. A QR code displays on the screen, and you’ll need to scan it with your phone’s camera. This mechanism is how your smartphone’s mobile app controls your Ellipal device.


The entire installation procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. You won’t have to guess which actions come next due to the clear instructions on the mobile app and cold wallet. The getting started guide could explain some details further, but a regular person might figure them out even if the instructions aren’t explicit. The device’s usage of QR codes is distinctive, allowing the Ellipal Titan to be a genuine cold wallet. 

Transaction Review

The Ellipal app lets you do a lot of things. You can use it to send money to other people, buy other coins for your wallet, and stake some of your coins. There might be support for Non-Fungible Tokens soon too. The WalletConnect connector is located in the upper-right corner of the mobile app and allows you to connect with DEXs and other dapps that support the protocol. 

To receive cryptocurrency, go to a coin wallet and select “receive.” You can scan the QR code or copy the public address string. If you want to ensure that the displayed public address is genuine, go into the Ellipal Titan cold wallet and click on the same crypto coin. Then choose “receive.” You should see the same address.

To send money, choose a cryptocurrency wallet and then “send.” Fill out the transaction data. I have to customize the amount instead of using the app’s auto-selector for slow and fast transfers when picking the fees. Once all of the information has been submitted and verified, the following screen displays a QR code that I must scan with my Ellipal Titan cold wallet. I select the chosen cryptocurrency on the hardware wallet and click “Sign” next to it to sign the transaction. The device’s camera activates, and I scan the QR code displayed in the app. After confirming the public address destination on the wallet device, I go into my mobile app and then click “Scan Signed Data QR Code.” I use my camera’s smartphone to scan the Ellipal Titan’s QR code. The transfer begins as soon as the scan finishes. 


The WalletConnect protocol is used in the mobile app to link with popular dapps. In addition, transferring funds is a two-way process that your phone and the device must confirm. The Ellipal Titan is indeed a genuine electronic cold wallet.

Security Review

The Ellipal Titan cold wallet has no external connections. It can only communicate with the mobile app by providing and scanning QR codes. You can’t disassemble the hardware (no screws or holes on the device). A password protects your access to the hardware wallet’s features. You may add a passphrase to your wallets, but doing so means you’ll need to protect your passphrase as diligently as the seed phrase. Firmware updates are not possible to download on the device. You must place files on a microSD card, insert them into the security adapter, and attach the adapter to the device. A quick scan of Amazon’s product reviews shows that the device only supports SanDisk microSD cards formatted as FAT32.

Ellipal’s website does not mention the security standards and encryption protocols that their hardware uses. I researched Amazon, but there aren’t complaints about funds being hacked. There are comments about receiving tampered boxes. Make sure to check any new packaging before you open it! 


It’s uncertain if the Ellipal Titan supports widely used security and encryption algorithms. The cold wallet implementation this device offers gives it a substantial security advantage.  

Supported Coins

The Ellipal Titan can support over 30 cryptocurrencies, including many contemporary coins and tokens associated with them. Although the mobile app may support a particular coin, you’ll need to make sure the hardware wallet is up-to-date for it to work with all of them.

There’s also early support from OpenSea and Rarible for NFT collections. All NFT transactions occur on the dapp’s website via WalletConnect.

Overall Opinion

The Ellipal Titan is a genuine cold wallet without USB connections or Bluetooth. To complete transactions, a two-way system of QR code verification is necessary. WalletConnect supports a wide range of coins, tokens, and dapp services. You may participate in the greater cryptocurrency ecosystem by utilizing the protocol. 

I’m perplexed by their Privacy & Cookies Policy, which states that personal information protection is essential. Perhaps it has to do with another service they offer directly to consumers? There’s no PII collected in the mobile app. 

I highly recommend the Ellipal Titan, and I believe it will be increasingly popular as more individuals seek solutions to manage their cryptocurrency. The device is a gem!