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Product Review Approach for Wallets

When evaluating a product, internal reviewer(s) consider the following factors:

  • Ease of a hardware wallet to be inconspicuous and inclusion of accessories to use it, or friendly software interface that’s cross-compatible across as many operating systems as possible for hot wallets and online wallets.
  • Simple, non-complex procedure for activation and configuration. The less having to figure out how to setup, the higher score a product or service will receive.
  • Availability and ease of conducting transactions. Also includes whether a variety of different transaction types are available (ex: swaps, dapp integration, etc.), in context of the cryptocurrency being supported.
  • Security features available, which includes adoption of encryption and password protocols, private key protection, pin numbers and passphrases, plus other ways of keeping your funds secured.
  • Support for different cryptocurrencies, depending on the purpose of the wallet (ex: we don’t expect a Bitcoin-only wallet to support dapps but it should support features available with a cryptocurrency).

Each of the aforementioned areas is given a unique score. The overall score for a cryptocurrency wallet is the average of scores given to each area.


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