D'Cent biometric hardware wallet

D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet

The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet is a crypto wallet that safeguards your funds in an encrypted, offline environment. Let’s look at how this biometric hardware wallet works and see if it’s worth purchasing!

Hardware Review

The D’Cent biometric hardware wallet, a micro USB cable, and two recovery cards are included in the packaging. The black-and-white OLED screen is 128×128 pixels, roughly half the size of the actual device. The navigation buttons and the biometric finger scanner are located below the screen. There is no power switch on the hardware wallet, so you must turn it on by connecting the USB cable to a USB port. 


The D’Cent is a little larger than similar hardware wallets, but it’s still lightweight. You may not be able to fit it inside your wallet or pocket. You’ll also need access to a USB outlet to turn it on. You might need a laptop and a phone to turn it on and use it. It would be ideal to have a power button to turn on the device without using a computer. 

Activate and Setup Review

When I initially turned on the D’Cent hardware wallet, the only option was to generate a wallet. I select a PIN and then repeatedly scan my thumbprint many times. The seed phrase generation process then begins. A list of phrases appears on the screen, along with an element number associated with each one. I must then verify the seed phrases. Next, I type the first three letters and select the matching word from a list, repeating until all of the terms have been verified. If you make a mistake, press the back button and find the correct letter. You’ll get a notice that it’s time to finish the setup process in the mobile app. Tap the back button and then go into the “Settings” menu. Choose Bluetooth from the list. Then, open the Bluetooth settings and associate your D’Cent biometric hardware wallet with it on your phone. 

You can download the D’Cent biometric mobile app from the app store. Begin the program, select your PIN, and tap the “+” button in the main dashboard. Find a coin that you’d want to associate with it and give it a name before tapping the button to generate it. 


Setting up the hardware wallet is quick. You type 3 letters, and then you can choose what word it is. The fingerprint scan makes the hardware wallet more secure than just using a PIN.

Transaction Review

You have access to a wide range of dapp services besides sending and receiving funds: 

  • Trade on decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap and 1inch.
  • Optimize interest yields on Yearn Finance and Compound.
  • Manage your finances using the dashboard dapp Zapper.fi.
  • Convert cryptocurrencies using ChangeNow.
  • Transfer NFTs using Rarible and OpenSea. 
  • Connect your hardware wallet with other dapp services with WalletConnect.
  • There are additional applications to explore in the Discovery area of the mobile app.

If you want to accept cryptocurrency, go to the coin and tap “Receive,” which will bring up a QR code. The public address string also appears below the QR code.

To send money, go to the cryptocurrency you wish to use and then tap “Send.” To begin, select the network fees you want to pay. Use the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen, adjust the speed as needed, and then input how much cryptocurrency you want to send. Then click “Next.” Confirm the transaction details and tap “Send.” The D’Cent hardware wallet should display the details of the transaction. Verify the data and then press the OK button on your device. Once you’ve scanned your fingerprint, the transaction is signed, and the mobile app will verify that it’s finished.


There are many ways to connect with other dapp services using the D’Cent app. You can do things like trading, NFTs, coin swaps, and more. It is also quick and easy to transfer money from your device.

Security Review

The D’Cent biometric hardware wallet uses EAL 5+ for private key encryption and generation. A fingerprint scan login secures access to the device. There isn’t much more information regarding security and encryption technologies implemented by the device.

Connections to dapps occur inside the mobile app’s in-app browser. There is no need for browser add-ons or concern about insecure web browsers.


I like the fingerprint scan to access the hardware wallet. It is an extra layer of security and prevents people from getting into your device. But you still need to protect your seed phrase. 

Supported Coins

D’Cent supports around 25 cryptocurrencies and a variety of ERC-20 tokens, including many popular coins that are in high demand. You can manage even more tokens than what is listed in the application with the inclusion of WalletConnect.

Overall Opinion

The D’Cent biometric hardware wallet is an excellent device. It’s great for storing your cryptocurrencies outside of an exchange. You’ll be able to participate in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. It also incorporates biometric finger scans to keep unwanted users out. Because of its larger size, D’Cent is more difficult to store in your wallet, pocket, keychain, or any other inconspicuous place while it’s in your possession.